Chesapeake-Elizabeth Interceptor System Diversion Improvements

$110 million


10,000 feet

of 42-inch diameter ductile iron-pipe

24 million gallons

of redirected flow


Developed and refined digital collaboration tools to support communication across disciplines and stakeholders.


Promoted sustainability by reducing the level of nitrogen and phosphorus released into the Chesapeake Bay.


Identified requirements for more than 14 individual design and construction projects to complete overall project goals.

The Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD) is a wastewater agency serving approximately 1.8 million people in southeastern Virginia, reaching a total of 20 counties and cities and operating more than 500 miles of pipeline.

To meet complex wastewater treatment and effluent regulations, HRSD selected Kimley-Horn to develop and implement a program to facilitate the improvements and ultimate closure of the Chesapeake-Elizabeth Treatment Plant, redirecting 24 million gallons of flow per day (MGD) to other plants in Virginia Beach without disrupting daily operations. The program consisted of planning, design, and construction of collection system improvements. Additional project requirements included:

Following the initial evaluation, Kimley-Horn served as the lead designer for seven of the projects.

Design and Construction

The Chesapeake-Elizabeth interceptor system diversion improvements will improve the way HRSD approaches its clean water strategy by reducing the amount of nitrogen and phosphorus discharged into the Bay. To allow HRSD to meet the Federal Total Maximum Daily Load, our team supported implemented a plan to design and construct various pipeline, storage, and pumping station improvements to allow the diversion of flow from the Chesapeake-Elizabeth Treatment Plant to other plants in HRSD’s system.

To successfully divert the flow, the team determined the following necessary system upgrades:

  • Modifications to 5 HRSD Pressure Reducing Pump Stations
  • Construction of 2 new HRSD Pressure Reducing Pump Stations
  • Off-line Storage Facility
  • Modifications to 4 Locality/Federal Facility Pump Stations
  • Installation of 3 control valve facilities

Promoting Collaboration Through Digital Efforts

To successfully complete the time sensitive project, our team combined their knowledge of wastewater systems planning, design, and construction management, with their ability to take on a wide variety of project types through collaborative efforts.

Due to its magnitude and complexity, the project required a high degree of collaboration among stakeholders and team members. To promote continual communication, our team developed and refined online collaboration tools, allowing stakeholders to access specific program elements, project information, and scheduling details.

Quick Facts


Hampton Roads Sanitation District


Virginia Beach, VA


“Value exceeds cost! It is evident this team cares about HRSD’s operations staff. What they have done with cost/schedule/risk reporting is great!”

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