Wired for your success. At Kimley-Horn, that’s both a mindset and a promise. When our people are successful, our firm is successful. We are passionate about providing an environment for our people to flourish, and that environment is bolstered by our top-notch training opportunities. What does this mean for you? Whether you’re a recent graduate or an experienced professional, you will find the skills you need to build a successful career.

Professional Training Programs

Kimley-Horn’s training programs are far reaching. As an employee, you will meet face-to-face for hands-on experiences led by our senior professionals.

  • Recent graduates interact directly with our president
  • Newly-licensed professionals are taught by leaders in their disciplines
  • Experienced professionals learn from our CFO

You will learn about project management, communication, marketing, business, leadership, and more. And, you will meet with peers across the country to network and build strong relationships.

Technical Training for Recent Graduates

We also boast an extensive technical training program, a blended learning approach with online assignments and interaction with senior leaders. This program encompasses the first two years of a college graduate’s career and provides the building blocks for a solid technical foundation, something we believe is pivotal to a successful career.

Technical Training Program Specialties:

Opportunities Tailored to Your Experience

The training offered by our firm was created with you in mind; its content curated by training and development professionals with input from company leadership, expertise from discipline specialists, and feedback from employees. Content is reviewed and refreshed often, enabling you to stay ahead of your field and on top of your skills.

A successful career is important to you—let’s help you build one.

Hear From Our Employees:

One of the most exciting things about instructing at these trainings is when you see a fundamental concept, one you’ve been talking about for years, really start to sink in because the person gets it.

— Sarah Williamson, P.E. | Development Services