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KITS Software Solution for VDOT Central Signal System

VDOT Kits Kimley-Horn

The Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA), on behalf of the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), selected Kimley-Horn to provide our KITS Smart City Software Solution for all VDOT-operated signalized intersections across the state.

As part of VITA’s initiative for modernization, Kimley-Horn is partnering with the State to deploy our software solutions in the Azure cloudOur Kimley-Horn team out of our Phoenix, Dallas, Virginia Beach and Raleigh offices will continue to provide software development, system configuration, network architecture, and other training and support services for the State through at least 2025. 

To help improve data driven decisionsKITS proven real-time signal control will be deployed and integrated with our smart transportation analytics softwareTraction.  Thsoftware improves system performance by providing remote monitoring, reportingaltering and integrating control for multiple device types. Software capabilities include comprehensive integration with the State’s new D4 signal controllers, crowd sourced traffic information, second-by-second vehicle trajectory data, automated traffic signal performance measures (ATSPM) and Android and iOS mobile application integrationFuture software capabilities include the real-time export of traffic signal phasing data, Kadence adaptive control and Smart Priority. This integrated solution will provide easy access to valuable data to visualize, measure and improve transportation system performance at over 3,000 signals.