Vehicle Black Box Data Retrieval

Modern passenger and commercial vehicles have a “black box,” or event data record (EDR) that records critical data before and after a crash. Kimley-Horn’s trained forensics engineering experts use the latest equipment and evaluation techniques to retrieve, analyze, and explain black box data to aid in accident crash reconstruction and other forensics cases. Black box data is critical information for lawyers, insurance companies, and police to understand the events leading up to a collision.

What Data Does a Vehicle Black Box Record?

The data collected from a vehicle’s black box provides valuable information for case evaluation and claims investigations. Kimley-Horn’s forensics experts can retrieve information such as:

  • How fast the vehicle was traveling in the seconds leading to impact
  • If the driver was actively accelerating or braking into a collision
  • How hard the driver braked, if at all, in reaction to the events around them
  • If the driver made any avoidance attempt to brake or steer before impact
  • If airbags were deployed as a result of the accident
  • If seat belts were in use at the time of accident
  • How severe the impact was (delta-v)

Working with Kimley-Horn Forensics Experts

After vehicle black box data is retrieved, Kimley-Horn forensics experts compile it into a complete accident reconstruction case for presentation in court. Recovery and use of this data can be an important submission to show vehicle malfunction or defect, or failure by the driver to operate the vehicle correctly.

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