Construction Defects

Kimley-Horn’s forensic engineers and specialists work with property owners and managers, contractors, developers, and builders to evaluate claims related to construction defects for all types of structures, reviewing design, materials, workmanship, and code compliance.

Our forensic engineering team is backed by many years of practical experience and specialized training. With more than 80 offices nationwide, we draw on nationwide resources, providing our clients with quick and effective responses and service.

Our experts evaluate and analyze building system malfunctions, structural defects, corrosion, wind and water damage, or maintenance and code compliance issues, among many others. We have evaluated thousands of commercial, industrial, residential, and maritime structures from the inside out, above ground and below. We can help you determine the real cause of damage and provide a detailed list of deficiencies for immediate, short-term, and long-term repairs, as well as our professional engineering guidance and recommendations.

You can rely on Kimley-Horn for forensic support with:

  • Building envelope surveys and analyses
  • Building repair and restoration
  • Construction and/or design defect analyses
  • Deficiency correction compliance reporting
  • Earthquake damage inspections and evaluations
  • Flood and water damage evaluations and analyses
  • Historic building restoration evaluations
  • Hurricane, tornado, storm, and hail damage evaluations
  • Inspection of building systems, including specialty structures
  • Marina and dock assessments and inspections
  • Moisture intrusion damage inspections and evaluations
  • Non-destructive testing and evaluations (NDT/NDE)
  • OSHA and safety compliance studies
  • Pavement failure (drainage deficiencies and other causes)
  • Quality control, assurance, and review for construction projects
  • Retaining wall failure inspections and analyses
  • Seawall failure inspection and analyses
  • Seismic, blasting, and/or vibration damage evaluations
  • Structural building distress damage assessments and reporting
  • Structural crack-propagation, settlement, and sinkhole evaluations
  • Structural damage investigations and evaluations
  • Structural inspections of buildings and components
  • Thermal inspection, monitoring, and evaluations
  • Underwater evaluations with professional engineers as divers
  • Waterfront structures evaluations, including ports and piers
  • Wind mitigation studies/insurance compliance inspections
  • Wind vs. water damage evaluations

Expert Witness Services

Our experts are capable and experienced in providing vast technical data in a way that a jury can understand. We have provided expert witness services in State and Federal courts for both civil and criminal actions.

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