Commercial Vehicle Accident Reconstruction

Commercial vehicle accidents are complex events involving multiple vehicles, mechanical systems, electronic data systems, and human factors. Unlike passenger cars, each commercial vehicle presents a unique electronic data system and requires special handling for proper preservation of evidence.

Kimley-Horn’s forensic engineers have years of experience inspecting and preserving evidence of accident scenes and commercial vehicles.

What You Need to Know

Kimley-Horn’s forensic engineers use the latest technology to record data such as commercial vehicle data downloads, laser scanners (LIDAR), aerial photogrammetry using drones, and total stations. Our professionals are experienced in gathering and analyzing documentation of vehicle maintenance, safety programs, driver training and qualifications, hours of service, and out-of-service criteria. From the first contact, we will work to preserve any data from the accident, recommend a strategy for the case, analyze the data, prepare our testimony, and provide high quality exhibits.

Kimley-Horn experts provide the following services:

  • Rapid response
  • Evidence preservation
  • Conspicuity and visibility analysis
  • Construction zone / MOT
  • Electronic control module
  • Onboard camera analysis
  • Surveillance camera analysis
  • Brake inspection
  • Motor carrier regulations
  • Driver training and qualifications
  • Carrier safety programs
  • Out of service criteria
  • Maintenance and mechanical failures

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