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St. Petersburg Pier Approach Design

St. Petersburg Pier Beach Drive, CA

Connecting the proposed St. Petersburg Pierhead and downtown core of Beach Drive, the Pier Approach creates a cohesive pedestrian experience which spans more than 5,300 feet of water frontage bringing life to a significant portion of the City’s Downtown Waterfront Master Plan.

Kimley-Horn is providing full site development services—including civil engineering, structural, stormwater design, landscape architecture and transportation analysis and design— for this project.

A challenge presented to the project was the lack of existing codes for parking. In conjunction with a previously completed citywide parking plan via our Park+ software, the Kimley-Horn team refined the parking demand model to include three redevelopment scenarios while maintaining the pedestrian engagement and focus of the project to the active spine, family park, and waterfront edge.

The project received a SWFWMD grant for the proposed stormwater management for the entire district. The stormwater filters through a series of bioretention prior to entering a natural pond. These sustainable water management methods create an enjoyable and educational experience for visitors while establishing natural habitat for wildlife.

Kimley-Horn also completed a roadway design for a gateway between Beach Drive and the Pier Approach, which features a roundabout that will host public art and maintain traffic flow along Bayshore Drive while improving pedestrian and bicycle safety.

Through sustainable site solutions and an enhanced pedestrian experience featuring various public amenities, the Pier Approach is a catalyst for economic development and definition for St. Petersburg’s iconic waterfront.

Key components of the new Pier Approach include:

  • Realignment of the existing entry road to dedicate a central space to the pedestrian experience.
  • Coordination of a solar powered open-air market along the active spine
  • Creation of an ADA-friendly family park, including playground, natural water features, and picnic areas
  • Creation of an accessible waterfront with seating and shade
  • Sustainable stormwater management improvements
  • Restaurant adjacent to the overlook with proposed outdoor seating
  • Gardens with native plantings and shade
  • Public tram access across the approach and out to the pier