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Highlights of the New Shared Parking, 3rd Edition Model

Shared Parking 3rd Model Jeffrey Elsey

Kimley-Horn’s Jeffrey Elsey, PE, CAPP, LEED AP recently presented a webinar providing an insider’s look at the enhanced Shared Parking, 3rd Edition model. As the primary author of this powerful parking planning tool, Jeffrey demonstrated how it communicates complex parking calculations to a variety of end users. If you didn’t have time to catch the webinar hosted by the National Parking Association, here are five key webinar takeaways.

Key Takeaways

  1. The Shared Parking model is an Excel-based tool that estimates parking demand based on the methods provided in the accompanying manual. Typically used by engineers and parking planners, the model projects conditions for mixed-use developments that share parking.

  2. The model easily communicates complex parking calculations to a wide array of end users, including municipalities, brokers, developers, and business districts. By right-sizing parking and planning for smart growth, more space can be allocated for people rather than cars.

  3. The new model takes shared parking methods to the next level. It offers greater flexibility and agility for driving and non-captive adjustments, ensuring more precise results.

  4. New features of the 3rd edition include 12 more land uses. As mixed-use developments have changed, so has the model. It also accounts for the impact of TNCs on parking and features improved residential ratios.

  5. Developers and permitting agencies alike benefit from the new model. By right-sizing parking, the number of parking spaces are minimized, thus reducing overall project costs. Additionally, permitting is obtained with fewer submissions due to the increased accuracy the model offers.

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