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The Transportation Research Board Recognizes Kimley-Horn’s Pam Keidel-Adams

Pam Keidel-Adams Kimley-Horn National Aviation Practice Leader

Kimley-Horn’s Pam Keidel-Adams was recognized in TRNews by the Transportation Research Board (TRB) for more than 30 years of leadership in aviation.

“My relationship with TRB has allowed me to learn about aviation issues I had not had access to before, from air quality to the FAA’s modernization of the U.S. airspace system. These experiences have given me deeper insights into issues that affect the aviation system, and I’ve used the experience to expand my opportunities.”

Read Pam’s TRB profile to learn how completing state system planning projects in 35 states, being a mentor to new aviation planners, and dedicating years to TRB have amounted to her continued success.

About the Expert

Pam Keidel-Adams

Pam Keidel-Adams

Pam’s aviation planning experience spans more than 30 years, progressing to a national leadership role and achieving industry recognition for her contributions to the aviation planning field. She has led teams on numerous large-scale studies and served as a trusted advisor to state aviation organizations for many years, as well as to the FAA during the development of the agency’s research portfolio for aviation planning. During her career, she has led master plans for commercial service and general aviation airports, economic impact analyses, air service evaluations, activity forecasting, public and stakeholder outreach, and database management tool development. Pam has also participated in more than 50 system planning assignments in more than 30 states. In addition to her system planning expertise, she has participated in planning assignments in all the regional airport offices of the FAA, providing her with an understanding of the technical and regulatory issues facing airports across the U.S. Pam served as the Chair for the 2020 ACC/AAAE Airport Planning, Design, and Construction Symposium, and is Chair of the Transportation Research Board’s Aviation Group and member of TRB’s Technical Activities Council.


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