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Smart Cities Dive Tackles Smart Loading Zones with Parking and Mobility Expert

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Parking and Mobility Practice Lead Robert Ferrin, CAPP, discusses scalable technology solutions for effective smart loading zones in Smart Cities Dive. The article, “Curb -management innovations: Lessons from smart and zero-emission loading zone pilots,” explores expanding curb space needs and the challenges cities face when implementing curb management strategies.

Robert explains that technology solutions need to work for everyone, including large delivery companies, local shops, and gig workers. He draws on his experience with smart loading zones to dive into common obstacles, such as power sources for technology, transparent curb space management strategies, and effective data collection from smart loading zones.

The article later analyzes a zero-emission delivery zone pilot conducted in Santa Monica, California. The city designated 10 electric vehicle loading zones to encourage the use of EV delivery vehicles and reduce the city’s overall vehicle emissions. As smart loading zone strategies continue to develop, our parking and mobility experts like Robert are prepared to work alongside cities to find top-tier solutions that benefit the climate and our communities.

About the Expert

Robert Ferrin, CAPP

Robert Ferrin, CAPP

For more than 20 years, Robert has specialized in smart city solutions, urban and economic development, transportation planning, and asset management. Robert joined Kimley-Horn after nearly five years with the City of Columbus, where he led the Parking Services team as a Department of Public Service Assistant Director. Before his role in Columbus, he held parking and mobility leadership roles in Aurora and Denver, Colorado, and Charlotte, North Carolina. Robert currently sits on the International Parking & Mobility Institute (IPMI) Board, where he advances smart cities, research and innovation, and electrification.


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