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Kimley-Horn’s Raul Dominguez Contributes Research on PFAS

"Texas h20" Features Water/Wastewater Analyst’s Research Report

Raul Dominguez, EIT

Raul Dominguez, EIT

Water/Wastewater Analyst

PFAS—a group of harmful man-made chemicals—have been used widely in industrial and consumer products due to their attractive chemical properties as electrical insulators and for their resistance to oils, stains, and temperature. These chemicals are extremely persistent in the environment and present in the air, soil, and water. Recent scientific evidence indicates exposure to PFAS can lead to adverse health effects in humans.

In February 2020, the Environmental Protection Agency took an important step in the regulation of these chemicals, however, it will take several years to finalize the maximum contaminant level. This step represents the beginning of the regulatory development road for PFAS, not the end.

In an in-depth research article for Texas h20, Kimley-Horn’s Raul Dominguez reports on where PFAS come from, why we should care, and how the EPA is regulating these chemicals.

About the Author

Raul Dominguez, EIT

Raul Dominguez, EIT

Raul’s work focuses on water storage, conveyance, and design of water and wastewater treatment plants. He has researched the areas of bio-engineering, biotechnology, and bio materials and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Biochemistry/Biophysics and Mathematics from Amherst College and a Masters in Chemical Engineering from Texas Tech University.


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