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Down by the Bay: What It Takes to Create a Waterfront Park

Our Sarasota-Based Designers, Landscape Architects, and Planners Share Their Favorite Parts of Bringing The Bay Park to Life

Image created by Kimley-Horn in collaboration with project lead Agency Landscape + Planning

The Bay Park in Sarasota sits on 53 acres of beautiful waterfront property that aims to become an iconic destination. Beyond the natural assets provided by the bayfront, this park will offer greater connectivity to surrounding neighborhoods and will reflect the diverse heritage of Sarasota—all while emphasizing sustainability. In a series highlighting those bringing this vision to life, The Bay interviewed Kimley-Horn’s Kelley Klepper, AICP, Philip DiMaria, AICP, CNU-A, and Chris Cianfaglione, PLA, ASLAabout where they draw inspiration, what excites them about The Bay Park and its impact on surrounding communities, and the importance of going green.

Inspiration Strikes

Kelley to The Bay on where he draws inspiration for the project’s elements: 

Kelley Klepper, AICP

Kelley Klepper, AICP

Senior Planner/Vice President

"One of my favorite parks is from back home with the Darrell’s Dream Boundless Playground due to its setting, the incorporation of the natural environment into the overall park, the diversity of elements, and more importantly, the accessibility for all.”

A Community That Cares

Phillip to The Bay on what excites him about the waterfront development:

Philip DiMaria, <br/>AICP, CNU-A

Philip DiMaria,

Planner/Project Manager

"The most exciting thing about The Bay Park is the incredible support from the community. Attending the initial input meetings and seeing the passion for the park from those within the community—something you don’t typically see at public meetings—reinforced my perception that this is a special project for all of Sarasota.”

Preserving Natural Elements

Chris to The Bay on the importance of natural, green spaces like The Bay Park:

Chris Cianfaglione, <br/>PLA, ASLA

Chris Cianfaglione,

Landscape Architect

“Natural shorelines survive and perform much better than the man-made systems, especially when it comes to minimizing the long-term impacts of coastal erosion. The mangrove roots and grasses dissipate wave action much better than walls do, so they outperform seawalls at a fraction of the cost.”


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