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Brian Gulliver Inducted as an Associate Fellow to AIAA, Class of 2017

Brian Gulliver was inducted as an Associate Fellow to the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), Class of 2017. This honor is bestowed upon individuals who have led or completed significant engineering or scientific work, original work of exceptional merit, or have otherwise made distinguished improvements or discoveries in the field of aeronautics or astronautics. 

“Each of these individuals has performed extraordinary work and advanced the state of the art in aerospace science and technology. I look forward to celebrating their achievements with them... AIAA thanks them for their efforts, and we look forward to seeing how their continued work and effort will shape the future of aerospace.”

Brian is a leading spaceport specialist at Kimley-Horn who is widely recognized for his extensive worldwide spaceport planning experience. He has managed and/or provided technical expertise for 10 proposed horizontal launch commercial spaceports and 12 vertical launch sites and has developed working relationships with nearly every commercial launch operator in the industry. 

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Brian Gulliver, LEED AP

Brian Gulliver, LEED AP