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Kimley-Horn is a proud supporter of APTA and its purpose to “lead public transportation in a new mobility era, advocating to connect and build thriving communities.” Kimley-Horn has been actively involved with APTA since 2005. Over the past decade, our team has participated in conferences, workshops, and committees. Kimley-Horn has engaged with APTA’s programs including supporting APTA transit advocacy efforts and has had multiple program participants in both the Leadership APTA and Emerging Leaders Program. We are proud sponsors of conference activities and have employees who are active participants in the alumni association, and numerous APTA standing committees and subcommittees.

Kimley-Horn Leadership APTA Graduates

Participating in this intensive, professional development program prepares our public transportation professionals to become senior and executive leaders in the field. From learning alongside top industry leaders to becoming the next generation of thought-leaders themselves, Kimley-Horn is proud to have graduates who are ready to creatively problem-solve for the future and improve public transportation.

Emerging Leaders Program

In the early years of their career in transportation, participants of this 12-month long program graduate with a greater depth of knowledge and expanded view of the industry, build a strong network of transit professionals, and become the next generation of industry leaders.


2022 APTA Mobility

Stephen Buckley headshot photo

Stephen Buckley,


Planning in a World of Automated Vehicles – Five Years Later

May 2, 2022 | 2:00 – 3:40 PM ET

Five years ago, in May of 2017 at the APTA 2017 Bus & Paratransit Conference, Steve Buckley presented on Planning in a World of Automated vehicles. At that time, there were many unknowns about the technologies, the economics, public acceptance, political support and the business models. Over the past five years, we have seen some significant advancements on all fronts, bringing greater clarity about when and how they will land, and what that may mean for how we travel. This presentation will provide an update on where things are going and what this may all mean for the transit industry.


Kimley-Horn Speakers, Presenters, and Moderators

Stephen Buckley, P.E., AICP
Planning in a World of Automated Vehicles – Five Years Later
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Kimley-Horn Speakers, Presenters, and Moderators

Ashley Lickliter, P.E.
Presenter: Pulse Bus Rapid Transit – Mobility Enhancement to Promote Economic Growth and Land Use Changes
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Adrienne Ameel, P.E.
Presenter: 16th Street NW Bus Lanes Project
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Michelle Mecca, P.E.
Presenter: Jacksonville’s First coast Flyer Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Technology Delivery
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Kimley-Horn Speakers, Presenters, and Moderators

Paul Elman
Presenter: Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project – Managing Risks and Lessons Learning from the FTA Before and After Study
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