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Mount Juliet Asset Management Services: DRIVE™ Software Pavement Analysis


Rapid population growth in Mount Juliet has made it difficult for the City to sustain its transportation infrastructure and prioritize pavement maintenance and repairs, complicating mobility in the expanding community.


Using DRIVE for pavement management, the City aggregated roadway PCI values, developed an asset inventory, and prioritized pavement needs in a five-year maintenance and rehabilitation program.


Our pavement engineering specialists and DRIVE helped the City make data-driven decisions, predict necessary maintenance and repairs, and budget for associated life-cycle costs, thereby extending the service life of its pavement assets.

The Challenge

The City of Mount Juliet has experienced exponential growth over the last decade, and they set a goal to enhance its asset and pavement management practices to sustain the mobility needs of its growing population.

The City declares that “All roads lead through Mount Juliet,” upholding a high standard for its transportation infrastructure and the conditions of their roadway network. However, with growing transportation infrastructure and pavement maintenance and repair costs, the City needed to find a solution to help monitor pavement conditions, proactively address life-cycle maintenance needs, and inform future planning and improvements to preserve the quality of its roads for years to come.

Our Solution

The City selected Kimley-Horn to implement a two-pronged pavement and asset management program to investigate current roadway conditions while also developing a sign and pavement marking asset inventory.

Our team analyzed 200 miles of the City’s roadways using International Cybernetics Company’s IrisPro automated data collection equipment. Using this state-of-the-art data collection method, the Kimley-Horn team collected pavement condition data, including pavement distress types, quantities, and severities to determine Pavement Condition Index (PCI) values for each roadway section. Our team used the PCI values and insights from the City to prioritize pavement repair needs and developed a roadmap for a maintenance and rehabilitation (M&R) program.

DRIVE Dashboard
DRIVE Dashboard

Kimley-Horn also provided the City access to its Database for Roadway Inventory Visualization and Evaluation (DRIVE) proprietary software to manage and customize current and future aggregated M&R program data. DRIVE allowed the City to take the following action steps:

  • Build an asset inventory
  • Visualize current roadway conditions
  • Forecast both short- and long-term pavement maintenance needs
  • Plan and analyze budget considerations
  • Make data-driven decisions to extend the service life of their pavement assets

The Impact

With the help of Kimley-Horn’s pavement engineering specialists and DRIVE software, the City realized its goal to develop a five-year maintenance and rehabilitation program driven by predictive data, cost assessments, and inventory tracking.

The City’s M&R program was developed through a holistic understanding of the Mount Juliet pavement network and the current condition of specific assets. Additionally, data-driven predictions helped the City prepare for future pavement repair and maintenance needs as well as associated life-cycle costs. Mount Juliet used DRIVE’s budget analysis and planning modules to inform their long-term capital improvement program, analyzing different budget scenarios and testing the timing and type of the planned solutions with M&R treatment preferences applied to each road in the network at the optimal time.

Screenshot pf Scenario Planning in DRIVE
Scenario Planning Dashboard

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