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Easily Maintain Your Pavement Assets Through the Database for Roadway Inventory Visualization and Evaluation.

Spend less time trying to keep pace with costly pavement repairs and more time planning for the future with Kimley-Horn’s web-based pavement management tool, DRIVE™.

DRIVE™ is an easy-to-use software tool that helps public agencies and pavement owners manage their pavement inventories—including roads and parking lots—and visualize other asset data such as curb, ramp, and sidewalk conditions. DRIVE™ was developed by pavement engineers who understand that proactive management of maintenance and repairs saves time and money. Left untreated, pavement conditions crumble over time and cost more to repair.

Overcome Pavement Asset Management Challenges with DRIVE™:

  • Develop a roadmap for short and long-term maintenance and repairs to be proactive and prevent costly surprises
  • Spend less money over time by extending the service life of your pavement assets through timely and appropriate maintenance
  • Minimize safety hazards and citizen concerns by incorporating non-pavement assets (i.e., ADA ramps and sidewalks) into the decision-making process


How DRIVE™ Works

With a DRIVE™ license, your agency will have access to view, update, customize, and export any of your pavement inventory data.

Whether you’re an engineer or planner looking to analyze the data, or a decision maker or stakeholder who needs a snapshot of the big picture, the user-friendly platform makes it easy to find what you need, when you need it, and to make data-driven decisions.

Using the budget analysis and project planner modules, analyze customized budget scenarios to apply the most cost-effective treatment at the right time. The budget scenarios are imported into the planner so you can make an informed road map for the next several years.

Reach Your Goals with DRIVE™

While critical to the long-term health of your agency, running an efficient pavement management program doesn’t have to be an intensive, time-crushing effort. When you license DRIVE™, you get full access not only to the software, but also to the pavement management expertise of Kimley-Horn’s pavement engineering specialists. Get DRIVE™ to seamlessly promote safety for your citizens, increase the life of your pavement assets, maximize your budgets, and make data-driven decisions to plan future improvements.

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