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ITE Talks Transportation Podcast Interviews Stephen Buckley

Stephen Buckley ITE

Stephen Buckley, Planning and Advisory Services Vice President, joined the ITE Talks Transportation podcast to discuss the collaboration between transportation planning professionals and engineers. Stephen touches on where roles overlap, how planning professionals and engineers can best support one another, and how they can jointly tackle the transportation industry’s biggest issues. 

Stephen also delves into the pressing transportation issues of today, including decreased public transit use and uncertainties about the impacts of delivery services on urban congestion.

About the Expert

Stephen Buckley, PE

Stephen Buckley, PE

Stephen has more than two decades of transportation planning and engineering experience in both the public and private sectors, and he has developed multiple strategic plans for city transportation agencies. In Philadelphia, Stephen ramped up the City’s corridor retiming program, built the first transportation operation center (TOC), and worked with the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority on testing transit signal priority and operational improvements. In Toronto, Stephen aggressively expanded the city’s corridor retiming program, modernized the city’s TOC, created a big transportation data analysis team, and explored using probe data and drones for improved transportation system awareness and management. He stays on the cutting edge of urban transportation practices as a member of the Urban Transportation Data and Information Systems Committee.


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