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Kimley-Horn Zero-Emissions Vehicle Expert Featured on Fueling the Future of Transport Podcast

Jenna McDavid - Fueling the future of transport
Jenna McDavid

Jenna McDavid

Zero-Emissions Vehicle Expert

Jenna McDavid, a zero-emissions vehicle expert at Kimley-Horn, was a guest on the Fueling the Future of Transport podcast hosted by Tammy Klein of  Transport Energy Strategies. The episode, “The Process and Planning Needed for EV Charging,” details planning considerations and up-and-coming opportunities related to installing electric vehicle (EV) chargers. Jenna discusses how EV experts can address industry challenges to create efficient and effective systems that enhance the customer experience.

"There's an important distinction between what works from a technical perspective and what's joyful to use… we need to make sure that the folks who are using the infrastructure are set up to have an enjoyable, successful experience."

About the Expert

Jenna McDavid

Jenna McDavid

With more than 22 years of experience in clean energy and transportation, Jenna provides strategic insights and advisory support to help public and private clients transition to zero emissions vehicles. A recognized leader in sustainability, Jenna’s work focuses on regional strategies for transportation decarbonization, siting optimization for EV charging infrastructure, and fleet electrification support.


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