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Kimley-Horn Arborists Coordinate Relocation of Mature Oak Trees to New Residential Community

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Chris Cianfaglione, PLA, ASLA

Chris Cianfaglione, PLA, ASLA

Landscape Architect

The vision behind Wellen Park, a new residential community in Venice, Florida, was unique: an eclectic space that felt like a well-established and deep-rooted part of the community from the moment construction was complete.

But how do you make a newly-built master planned community feel like a historic town staple? In collaboration with Environmental Design, Inc., Kimley-Horn’s landscape architects and planners actualized the client’s vision by relocating 26 Heritage Oak trees that are up to 100 years old and 96 inches in diameter. Kimley-Horn arborists selected the trees, coordinated their relocation, and designed hardscapes around each unique root ball. To preserve and anchor the trees within the community’s planned amenity spaces—including a grand lawn, civic event lawn, and main entry boulevard—the team prepared precise documents to dictate the proper care and placement appropriate for each tree.

“All mature trees have imperfections. For example, some were leaning to one side, so we placed those trees more closely together in a tight pocket park that was surrounded by buildings on three sides.”

Nearly four years before the projected completion date, our in-house certified arborists began the process by selecting the oaks that best brought the desired aesthetic to fruition and creating a plan to provide proper care and protection for each tree. Keeping each tree healthy required careful and deliberate sequencing throughout the relocation, including eliminating excess water to prevent rotting, and mixing in the soil that each tree was previously living in to avoid causing shock.

Serving as the client’s trusted partner during construction, phasing, and sequencing meant non-stop weather monitoring and adapting on the fly when conditions changed quickly. Kimley-Horn coordinated with as many as seven on-site teams to turn this new development into a landmark treasure.

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About the Expert

Chris Cianfaglione, PLA, ASLA

Chris Cianfaglione, PLA, ASLA

Chris is a landscape architect with more than 12 years of experience in construction document preparation, presentation graphics, illustrative 3D renderings, project photography, and LEED document preparation for a wide range of landscape architecture projects. His expertise involves detailed design of streetscapes and municipal parks, multifamily projects, and overall land development projects for a variety of local and nationally recognized clients. He is a Professional Landscape Architect in Florida and an ISA Certified Arborist.


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