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Ashley Lickliter Selected for Leadership APTA, Class of 2021

Ashley Lickliter Leadership APTA

Kimley-Horn’s Ashley Lickliter has been selected for the American Public Transportation Association’s (APTA) leadership program, Leadership APTA, Class of 2021. Ashley was one of 35 APTA member applicants chosen for the program, which is designed to prepare the next generation of senior and executive leaders of APTA to guide the future of the public transportation industry. Through this year-long program, Ashley will participate in executive roundtables, skill-building workshops, conferences, team-driven capstone leadership projects, teleconferences, online meetings, and web-based events.

“Leadership APTA is an exciting opportunity to network with my peers in leadership positions and engage in relationship building—both within and outside of Kimley-Horn.”

Since joining the firm more than 19 years ago, Ashley Lickliter, a Vice President at Kimley-Horn, has focused on building her management skills and serving as a role model to mentor future transportation leaders. She is a Practice Leader, managing numerous multidisciplinary annual services contracts, and has participated in innovative and context-sensitive transit, multimodal transportation, technology, operations, and integration projects. While focused on quality and providing exceptional client service, Ashley is also highly passionate about people and staff development. Ashley hopes to use the lessons and networking experiences she receives from Leadership APTA to improve access to transportation and grow the next generation of passionate, talented, and diverse public transportation professionals.

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Ashley Lickliter, P.E.

Ashley Lickliter, P.E.