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Leaders in Transportation: Tracy Lehman and Ashley Lickliter

ITE’s “Spotlite” Leadership Series Recognizes Kimley-Horn Talent

Tracy Lehman, PE, PTOE, RSP2I and Ashley Lickliter, PE, transportation engineers with Kimley-Horn, were recently recognized in the ITE Spotlite Leadership Series for their dedication to and passion for improving transportation as we know it. Below, learn more about Tracy and Ashley’s active leadership contributions to the success of ITE and the transportation industry at large.

Tracy Lehman

As a LeadershipITE graduate, member of the Georgia ITE Safety and LITE committees, former representative to the Southern District Board, and past Illinois Section President, Tracy continually provides value and guidance to the transportation engineering industry. Outside of her professional commitments, she volunteers her time to engage in engineering outreach events, speak in student classrooms, and lead discussions for organizational student chapter meetings. It is important to her to share the lessons she’s learned from both her professional experience and from mentors who have invested their time to teach her engineering concepts—something Tracy credits as her reason for becoming an engineer.

Tracy Shandor

Currently, Tracy chairs the ITE Transportation and Health working group which is in the process of transitioning to a Standing Committee under the Transportation Planning Council and Coordinating Council. The group’s mission is to improve health outcomes in transportation infrastructure planning and design by developing, improving, sharing, and helping implement tools and strategies through partnerships between the transportation, urban/rural planning, and health communities.

Feel inspired? Connect with Tracy on LinkedIn or at ITE’s Virtual Annual Meeting in August to learn more.

Ashley Lickliter

Ashley strongly believes that leadership isn’t about climbing the ranks for one’s personal accomplishment alone; leadership is about blazing a new path and encouraging others to follow. She was recognized in Engineering News Record’s 2019 Top 20 Under 40 for her passion and leadership in the transportation engineering field. She believes this designation is a result not only of her own hard work and dedication, but also of the training, advice, and trust bestowed upon her by her mentors.

Ashley Lickliter Kimley-Horn P.E.

Ashley plays a pivotal role in Kimley-Horn’s LIFT (Lasting Impact for Tomorrow) program, which supports women in our firm in reaching their full potential through networking events, family-focused tools such as back-up childcare and maternity transition coaches, and targeted development programs. As part of the LIFT program, Ashley reaches out to women across the firm, sharing her lessons learned in video conference discussions.

Ashley recently completed her role as President of the Virginia Section ITE, having previously served as Vice President, Secretary, Director, and representative to the Southern District Board. Ashley was honored to serve as a 2019 SDITE | MCDITE Joint Annual Meeting chair, which gave her a renewed appreciation for the number of doors that can open in your career through greater involvement in ITE. She remains active in ITE, currently serving as VASITE’s Past President and actively searching for the next generation of ITE leaders.

These experiences have prepared Ashley to take on more responsibilities within both Kimley-Horn and the transportation industry. ITE offers an exciting opportunity for professionals of all levels to network with their peers and engage in personal and professional relationship-building to form connections that last. ITE has allowed Ashley to be in a better position to continue the work that means the most to her—promoting connectivity and accessibility for all in our communities and developing the next generation of transportation advocates and experts.

Professionally or personally, Ashley is always happy to connect and share insights. Connect with Ashley at ITE’s Virtual Annual Meeting in August or send her a message on LinkedIn.


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