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Kimley-Horn Named One of 2022 Best Workplaces for Millennials

Since 2015, Kimley-Horn has been ranked every year as one of the Best Workplaces for Millennials, appearing in the top 10 best millennial workplaces for five years. In 2022, Kimley-Horn continues its previous reputation as a workplace that champions and supports millennials by again being ranked as a Best Workplace for Millennials by FORTUNE and Great Place to Work®! 

Over 400,000 millennials and one million United States employees contributed to the insights and data that shape the Great Place to Work® rankings. For Kimley-Horn particularly, surveyed employees identify how Kimley-Horn lives up to their core values of ethical behavior, excellent client services, and welcoming atmosphere, and 93% of those employees identified Kimley-Horn as a great workplace as of 2021.  

Companies that appear in the Great Place to Work® rankings, like Kimley-Horn, are motivated to iteratively improve their organizations to achieve greater employee satisfaction, achievements, and sustainable wellbeing through the years.  

"In a world where employers are draining employees dry, Kimley-Horn goes above and beyond to remain loyal and supportive to its employees, both in the workplace and personally. I am heard, respected, and appreciated by everyone I come into contact with. The flexibility and constant recognition for my hard work is part of why I love coming to the office every day."

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