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ITE 2021 Young Leaders to Follow

Kimley-Horn transportation engineer Tracy Lehman, P.E., RSP2I, was recently recognized by ITE in the first-ever group of 2021 Young Leaders to Follow. Below, learn more about Tracy’s accomplishments and contributions that have impacted ITE and the transportation industry.

Tracy Lehman, P.E., PTOE, RSP2I

With more than 13 years of experience as a transportation engineer, it is evident that Tracy Lehman’s passion for safety and continued committee involvement has made an impact in the transportation community. From contributing to the Federal Highway Administration’s safety plan to serving on a committee to create safe streets for walking and biking, Tracy’s guidance and support carries ideas through to implementation, improving transportation safety, and educating communities.

Tracy Shandor

After presiding over the Illinois Section of ITE and graduating from LeadershipITE, she led the technical working group for the Transportation and Health initiative. Her work on this initiative resulted in the ITE Board electing Tracy to chair the Transportation & Health Standing Committee. Tracy applies her years of service from Midwest ITE and Southeast ITE as she leads this new committee and continues to participate on the Georgia ITE Safety Committee.

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