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Community / Infrastructure Resilience

Kimley-Horn provides community infrastructure consulting services.

Climate change and its effects—sea level rise, increased storm intensity, drought, and wildfires—pose an increasing challenge to the social and economic stability of many communities.

As these weather-related disasters become more frequent and severe, local governments are on the front line of preparation and response. Addressing these challenges requires a carefully crafted community preparedness plan designed to minimize economic and social disruption and provide an effective plan for recovery.

The Time for Planning is Now

Community and infrastructure resiliency is becoming a focal point for planning in many cities. The beneficiaries of resiliency protection are many: public health and safety, key public infrastructure, community housing stock, the municipal tax base, and community cohesion. Kimley-Horn specializes in many of the services that are key to strong resiliency preparation: urban planning; transportation planning and design; watershed and stormwater planning and management; hydraulics and hydrology studies; environmental documentation and permitting, utility engineering; public involvement, and more. As civil and transportation engineers, planners, landscape architects and environmental scientists, our work in municipal planning and infrastructure development informs our thorough understanding of effective resiliency programs. That’s why we’ve been at the forefront of assisting municipalities in identifying and winning the financial resources needed to develop resiliency plans.

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