Forensic Expert


Mechanical Engineer

As a professional engineer, Mr. Marajh applies the principles of design, analysis, testing, and safety to forensic evaluations involving accident investigation and reconstruction. His professional background includes positions in the automotive, heavy equipment and consulting industries. He has hands-on operational and troubleshooting experience with the full line of heavy construction equipment. Mr. Marajh has been involved in product defect allegation cases involving a wide range of products. He has received specialized training in traffic accident reconstruction and traffic collision investigation. His training also includes preserving and analyzing data stored in vehicles such as airbag modules and engine control modules from both passenger and Commercial vehicles. He conducts vehicle accident, fire, premises liability and mechanical component investigations for clients throughout the United States and the Caribbean. Kevin holds a CXLT designation in the field of Tribometry as it relates to Walkway Safety and the measurement of surface friction. From professional experience in conducting property condition assessments, he has knowledge of building codes, safety codes, and industry standards that relate to the construction and maintenance of various properties and structures. This includes photometric and acoustical standards and measurements. He has been retained on over a thousand incidents involving commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, agricultural equipment, motorcycles, bicycles, personal mobility devices, ladders, consumer products, slip and falls, structure, and vehicle fires, and he is Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) certified. Mr. Marajh has offered Expert Witness Testimony by way of both deposition and trial.

Licenses and Certifications

  • Professional Engineer, Florida #71455
  • Professional Engineer, Georgia #045621
  • Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator, #14036-7503v
  • Accredited Traffic Accident Reconstructionist (ACTAR), #2052
  • Certified XL Tribometrist
  • Diplomate of Forensic Engineering-NAFE
  • Certified Vehicle Fire Investigator

Services and Specialties

  • Advanced Temporary Traffic Control (MOT)
  • Children products (playgrounds, toys)
  • Commercial Roofing Inspections
  • Construction accidents (heavy equipment, power tools, fall protection)
  • Construction zone accidents
  • Fire cause and origin investigations
  • Headlamp and lighting analysis
  • Heavy vehicle / commercial event data downloads
  • Industrial workplace accidents (guarding, forklifts, boom lifts)
  • Premise liability claims (slip / trip and fall, automatic doors, falling merchandise)
  • Product defect / failure analysis
  • Vehicle accident reconstruction (passenger, commercial, motorcycle, bicycle, pedestrian)
  • Vehicle EDR “black box” downloads
  • Visibility and photometric analysis