Universal City Stream Relocation

Kimley-Horn was tasked with providing services for a stream relocation around a proposed 20-acre retail development in the City of Universal City, Texas.

The retail development necessitated the relocation of an ephemeral stream to facilitate the construction of the building, parking, access, and drainage. This required obtaining an Individual Permit from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Kimley-Horn obtained the permit in a little over 10 months from the first submittal to the Corps.

This project relocated 1,085 linear feet of an ephemeral stream into 1,390 linear feet of designed natural channel adjacent to the project. An additional 135 linear feet of the existing stream was placed in box culverts to facilitate access. The relocated channel was designed using natural channel design methods with the goal of providing a stable morphology as well as appropriate stream and riparian habitat and other ecological conditions.

The channel’s extended length and design resulted in higher stream conditions than the existing stream, according to the Texas Rapid Assessment Method (TXRAM) scores. The goal was to establish a stream and riparian corridor that is self-sustaining.