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Key Features from the Technologies for CMOM Activities in Wastewater Collection Systems Publication

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The Technologies for CMOM Activities in Wastewater Collection Systems publication is available for order on the Water Environment Federation (WEF) website in both print and digital versions. This 120-page wastewater collection resource highlights how capacity, management, operations, and maintenance (CMOM) activities can be further enhanced through the implementation of technology that supports preventative and predictive operation and maintenance (O&M).

Two of the wastewater experts that contributed to this resource are Kimley-Horn’s Charles Starling, PE, BCEE, and Brock Jones, PE Charles and Brock collaborated with Stacy Hayden, Engineering Director at the Emerald Coast Utilities Authority, to write “Chapter 3: Collection System Operation and Maintenance-Related Technologies.” Here are some features you can expect to find in this publication:

Key Features

  • Key technologies outlined in this resource can help advance your wastewater collection system, promoting proactive rather than reactive O&M.
  • Technologies discussed are both practical and cost-effective for a variety of utilities, optimizing O&M budgets and reducing life-cycle costs.
  • The resource covers evaluation of the physical condition of assets.
  • Data collection and analytics practices discussed in the resource can help system operators address overflows and implement measures for prevention.
  • The publication discusses “smart sewers” and their data-driven features and dynamics that can maximize real-time information and controls.

Learn More

Visit the WEF website to learn more about the Technologies for CMOM Activities in Wastewater Collection Systems publication and order a copy in your preferred format.

About the Authors

Brock Jones, PE

Brock Jones, PE

An experienced project engineer on a variety of water/wastewater utility projects, Brock has provided specification development, force main transient modeling analysis, water and sewer system design, and construction management services for clients. With a specialty in GIS special data analytics and hydraulic water/wastewater system analyses, Brock has developed both simplistic, steady state models and advanced dynamic sewer models that can simulate existing inflow and infiltration rates. Additionally, Brock has leveraged software packages to develop, calibrate, and evaluate 500+ lift stations and leads a Kimley-Horn regional hydraulic modeling technical group that coordinates standards and training for modeling software.

Charles Starling, PE, BCEE

Charles Starling, PE, BCEE

With 24 years of experience as a project engineer and project manager, Charles has worked on a variety of utility engineering projects, including pump station design, force main design, condition assessment programs, and pump station assessment and rehabilitation. Charles has utilized his years of experience in project design, quality assurance, and project execution to provide quality client services on over nine FEMA projects. One of Charles’ notable and recent endeavors is the Sarasota County Peace River Interconnect and Potable Water Main project, where he is offering design and construction phase services for 5 miles of potable water transmission main. A Board-Certified Environmental Engineer, Charles also maintains professional engineering distinction in Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, and Louisiana.


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