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Kimley-Horn’s Marty Paris Discusses Trenchless Technology Industry Trends

Trenchless technology professional shares insights from nearly 30 years of experience

Pipes laid out ready to replace an old pipeline that needs updates and replacements
Marty Paris, P.E.

Marty Paris, P.E.

Water/Wastewater Engineer

Trenchless technology can benefit clients by reducing disruption and construction time but is not a one-size-fits-all solution, explains Marty Paris P.E., in Trenchless North America. There are significant opportunities for growth in the trenchless industry related to technological advancements and areas where these construction methods are underutilized.

“Continued education and promotion of best practices is critical to advancing the industry and its acceptance in areas that have not yet adopted trenchless technology.”

In this Q&A, Paris shares how his experience as a NASTT member and involvement with the No Dig Conference has been beneficial, why he enjoys solving challenging project constraints, and how he thinks STEM education can make an impact on society.

Article courtesy of A to B Publishing.

About the Expert

Marty Paris, P.E.

Marty Paris, P.E.

Marty has more than 28 years of experience in the design of water and wastewater rehabilitation projects. He has worked on large and small diameter water and wastewater pipeline projects throughout Texas and has assisted multiple municipalities with planning, design, and construction phases. He understands all project challenges and issues, ranging from the operations level to the administrative level. His experience includes most trenchless replacement/rehabilitation methods, including cured-in-place, pipe bursting, horizontal directional drilling, microtunneling, fold and form, slip lining, tunneling, and horizontal auger boring.


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