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Kimley-Horn Pavement Expert Featured in Roads & Bridges

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Scott Sounart, PE

Scott Sounart, PE

Senior Asset Manager

An expert in pavement management and rehabilitation, Scott Sounart, PE, contributed to Roads & Bridges magazine, detailing important warning signs of deteriorating asphalt and encouraging early detection and action. Scott’s article, “Face Down in the Pavement: Seven keys to a longer life for asphalt,” details pavement problems—from longitudinal cracks to block cracking to rutting to potholes—and provides a perspective on how stakeholders can enhance pavement integrity and tenure.

“It’s important to have a comprehensive pavement maintenance and repair strategy that considers all the issues that can impact the pavement’s performance and lifespan. When planned and implemented appropriately, a properly maintained asphalt pavement can sustain decades of service life, adding exciting chapters to its history.”

About the Expert

Scott Sounart, PE

Scott Sounart, PE

With more than 30 years of civil engineering experience, Scott Sounart specializes in pavement engineering technologies, pavement evaluation studies and designs, pavement and asset management implementations, and distress data collection methods for a variety of clients. Scott has been an integral part of designing, managing, and constructing roadway, bridge, and airport projects, and he is committed to ensuring quality control and leveraging research and technology-forward methods to help stakeholders manage their pavement assets.


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