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Chris Jones Featured in Minority Engineer Magazine

Chris Jones, P.E.

Chris Jones, P.E.

Civil Engineer

Civil engineer Chris Jones, P.E. was spotlighted in Minority Engineer magazine’s Spring 2022 edition. Chris was highlighted for his work in renewable energy and private developments, but his feature also displays his passion for the civil engineering field and his desire to introduce others to rewarding industry opportunities.

“It continues to amaze me when we stop and think about how little people know about civil engineering as a profession and industry. We need to do a better job exposing people, especially young Black children, to the practice at an early age!”

– Chris Jones, Civil Engineer

About the Expert

Chris Jones, P.E.

Chris Jones, P.E.

For 16 years, Chris Jones has been honing his civil engineering skills, managing renewable energy projects, and expanding solar facilities throughout multiple states, including California, Utah, Idaho, and Texas. He currently works in the Las Vegas Kimley-Horn office, specializing in development services. Chris has operated as a project manager or engineer for master-planned community and single-family housing developments as well as redevelopment, site improvement, and expansion projects. Known for his consistent high-quality work, Chris originally studied civil engineering and graduated with a Bachelor of Science from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.


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