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Kimley-Horn Water Expert Discusses Biosolids Recycling on WEF Podcast

Wayne White presents on Bio Solids for the WEF Podcast

Kimley-Horn’s Wayne White and Ted Merrell of Merrell Bros., Inc. spoke about innovative biosolids reuse solutions on Water Environment Federation’s Words on Water podcast.  

This conversation with host Travis Loop was based on the biosolids recycling design-build-operate project that Kimley-Horn completed in partnership with Merrell Bros., Inc. in Pasco County, Florida. To follow new biosolids regulations in Florida and optimize existing recycling processes, Merrell Bros., Inc. created and patented a process that converts aerobic sludge into fertilizer at a significantly lower energy cost. This sustainable process relies on solar energy and limited fossil fuel pasteurization, transforming biosolids into usable material and keeping them out of landfills for the benefit of recyclers and their communities. 

About the Expert

Wayne White, P.E.

Wayne White, P.E.

A senior water resources engineer with more than 29 years of experience, Wayne specializes in wastewater treatment, water and wastewater pipeline design, pump stations, pump types (axial), WaterCAD, SewerCAD, and construction observation. Wayne's experience includes the planning, design, permitting, and construction of reclaimed water and wastewater collection, transmission, treatment, and disposal systems. Wayne has also worked to secure state and federal funding for projects by preparing water master plans that leverage hydraulic modeling and future flow forecasting to promote data-driven decision making.


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