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Kimley-Horn provides telecommunication site development services for public and private properties, new tower locations, and co-locations.

Knowing local jurisdictions and staying on schedule play a big role in the success of your telecom project. These projects also involve a broad range of services, location conditions, and regulatory agency requirements.

For instance, network development projects require site development services for carriers and tower owners nationwide and may include ground-built sites, co-locations, roof tops, attachments, and equipment integration. Distributed Antenna Systems and Small Cell sites range from sensitive historical settings to high density campus environments. And fiber-optic designs—aerial and underground—need to resolve bandwidth issues.

When applying telecommunication sites in disguised or non-detectable locations, you’ll need a creative team to offer stealth applications such as faux trees and church steeples. And before a major acquisition, you’ll want a team to provide site inspections and gather due diligence—keeping projects on schedule, coordinating with site owners, establishing consistent criteria for inspections, and overseeing the on-time completion of accurate reports, site plans, tower drawings, and shelter maps.

Workable Solutions

With local knowledge and national resources, Kimley-Horn provides comprehensive site development services to meet the requirements for telecommunication sites on public and private properties, new tower locations, and co-locations. With more than 15 years of experience in telecom/wireless projects, we are known for workable solutions such as network development, distributed antenna systems, fiber, stealth applications, and inventories/assessments that comply with tight budgets and deadlines and meet the requirements of the most demanding permitting agency.