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Kimley_Horn - From Pandas to People

From Pandas to People: 3 Lessons for Planners from My Time as a Zoo Designer

Before Nick Chen, AICP was a Community Planner and Urban Designer at Kimley-Horn, he was a Zoo Designer at the San Diego Zoo. Learn how he draws experience and inspiration from his nontraditional career path as he shares three similarities between designing for zoos and planning for communities.

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Kimley-Horn Avalon Mixed-Use Development

8 Strategies for Walkable, Connected, and Mixed-Use Suburbanism

Shifting demographics, evolving shopping trends, and a growing preference toward walkability are motivating suburban towns and cities to redefine themselves. Kimley-Horn Urban Designer/Planner Eric Bosman, AICP offers eight approaches to employ when adapting sprawling spaces into walkable, mixed-use places.

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Kimley-Horn's Stephen Stansbery co-hosts a webinar that highlights best practices for projects involving public participation from industry leaders.

Webinar: Projects & Public Participation

Hosted by APA and MetroQuest, this webinar (eligible for CE credits for AICP) focuses on best practices for projects involving public participation with guidance from industry leaders—including Kimley-Horn's Stephen Stansbery.

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Park + Brochure

Brochure: Park+

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GSA Schedule

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