Kimley-Horn Employees Earn Road Safety Professional Certification

Safety is important to us at Kimley-Horn. We provide our expertise to clients and partners to help make our communities safer. In fact, some of our Transportation Systems Management & Operations project managers have built a network of collaborative safety practices across the firm.

Consistent with our firm’s desire to be a positive force for change in our communities and to provide exceptional client service, Kimley-Horn was one of the primary sponsors of a new certification process available for transportation engineers: the Road Safety Professional Certification (RSP). According to the Transportation Professional Certification Board, the RSP’s goal is to ensure that those charged with protecting the lives of the traveling public can demonstrate the requisite knowledge of road safety and to serve as a catalyst for greater attention to continuing education.

The first RSP certification exam was recently held, and 12 Kimley-Horn teammates passed!

Congratulations to our professionals on becoming certified Road Safety Professionals!


Kimley-Horn Mike Colety
Mike Colety, P.E., RSP
Kimley-Horn Jacob Farnsworth
Jacob Farnsworth, P.E., RSP
Kimley-Horn Jourdyn Fuga
Jourdyn Fuga, P.E., RSP
Kimley-Horn Anabel Hernandez
Anabel Hernandez, P.E., RSP
Kimley-Horn Wendy Krehbiel
Wendy Krehbiel, P.E., RSP
Kimley-Horn Mike Lobdell
Mike Lobdell, P.E., RSP
Kimley-Horn Michelle Mecca
Michelle Mecca, P.E., RSP
Kimley-Horn Devin Moore
Devin Moore, P.E., RSP
Kimley-Horn Molly O'Brien
Molly O’Brien, P.E., RSP
Kimley-Horn Lindsay Saner
Lindsay Saner, P.E., RSP
Kimley-Horn Tracy Shandor
Tracy Shandor, P.E., RSP
Kimley-Horn Ravi Wijesundera
Ravi Wijesundera, P.E., RSP