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Environmental Consulting Expert Discusses Climate Vulnerability Assessments in Webinar

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Kimley-Horn’s Heidi Rous participated in a webinar hosted by the West Coast Section of Air & Waste Management Association (A&WMA), titled “Integrating Climate Vulnerability Assessments in Long-Term Transportation, Land Use, and Infrastructure Planning.” The A&WMA is an international organization with multiple geographic chapters, and their mission is to support engagement and knowledge-sharing on environmental topics. 

During the presentation, Heidi discussed the effects of a changing climate and how implementing the key principles of adaptation planning, starting with a systematic Climate Vulnerability Assessment (CVA), can identify climate-related vulnerability risks and prioritize agency efforts to mitigate these risks. Additionally, Heidi provided information on common methods and best practices of performing CVAs and real-world examples of integrating CVAs in the planning process. Through this webinar, viewers can learn more about how CVA integration into long-term planning can help agencies create more resilient systems.

About the Expert

Heidi Rous

Heidi Rous

Heidi Rous is a senior project manager at Kimley-Horn with more than 30 years of expertise in environmental planning and compliance, risk management, health risk assessment, climate-related assessments and reduction plans, and resiliency. From critical issue assessments, project entitlement, impact mitigation, resource permitting, and carbon reduction plans, to vulnerability assessments, Heidi is committed to helping her clients in both the public and private sectors find solutions to their most pressing environmental planning challenges.


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