Thought Leadership

TRB Takeaways 2020

Top Takeaways From TRB’s 2020 Annual Meeting

We’re back from the Transportation Research Board’s (TRB) Annual Meeting in Washington D.C., where dozens of our team members joined more than 13,000 fellow transportation professionals to discuss the latest trends and innovations across the world of transportation. Stacie Phillips of our Raleigh, NC, office shares her top takeaways here.

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Steve Lefton LinkedIn - Being Thankful

President’s Corner: Gratitude and Giving – Our Core Value of Sharing and Caring

How do you show others you're thankful? Kimley-Horn President and CEO Steve Lefton discusses the "giving" spirit of the season and our firm's core value of Sharing and Caring.

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Kimley-Horn sports projects - Allegiant Stadium Las Vegas Raiders

President’s Corner: Redefining a City – Sports Help Shape the Future of Las Vegas

When you think of Las Vegas, casinos and hotels likely come to mind. However, that image is changing thanks in part to the arrival of professional sports. Our President and CEO Steve Lefton shares how several projects are helping shape the future of the Las Vegas Valley.

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Kimley-Horn Introducing STEM to the Next Generation

President’s Corner: Introducing STEM to the Next Generation

As a company reliant upon science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), we need to stay ahead of the curve. Hear from President and CEO Steve Lefton about our commitment to inspire and prepare the next generation of innovators.

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Making Better Decisions Daily

Providing commuters with more data can lead to smarter transportation decisions. Kimley-Horn's Brett Wood breaks down two primary elements of this concept in IPMI's "Parking Now" blog.

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Women Leaders at Kimley-Horn

President’s Corner: Recruiting, Retaining, and Developing Future Women Leaders

“In a historically male industry, we invest in employee development opportunities to foster engagement, inclusivity, and professional growth for all." Read more from our President and CEO Steven Lefton about our ongoing efforts to be a firm where outstanding people build their careers.

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Steve Lefton discusses the journey of employee integration

President’s Corner: Employee Integration is a Journey, not a Destination

"We look at true cultural integration as a journey, not a destination—an ongoing process that is crucial to the long-term success of our people." Read more about our commitment to employee integration from our President and CEO Steve Lefton.

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Kimley-Horn Flying Cars

Flying Cars: Looking to the Future

Flying taxis may sound like a far-off concept, but they may become reality in the not-too-distant future. Doug Gettman weighs in on when and how we'll start to see this new technology.

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The rise of parking technology

The Parking Technology Revolution is Here

In this thought leadership piece from CIO Applications, Kimley-Horn's Nick Mazzenga discusses the rise of parking technology in the effort to reduce urban congestion.

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Town of Jupiter Inlet Colony Kimley-Horn

Town of Jupiter Inlet Colony Neighborhood Rehabilitation Project

The Town of Jupiter Inlet Colony had a challenge that many towns face: aging infrastructure. In the latest issue of the Florida Water Resources Journal, Tom Jensen shares how we helped the town work towards its goal of becoming the "greenest municipality in Florida."

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Steve Lefton on Kimley-Horn's entrepreneurial culture

President’s Corner: Be a venture capitalist—and invest in your employees’ great ideas.

"Supporting an entrepreneurial culture enables us to invest in the strongest seeds of employee ideas." Read more from our President and CEO Steve Lefton about our enthusiasm for innovation.

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Kimley-Horn's Rob Hume shares how stream and river restoration could lead to healthier and happier natural environments and people.

Stream Restoration – Creating Joy

Stream restoration encourages people to care for water in a meaningful way. As a stream and river restoration professional, Will Wilhelm shares his views on finding the right mix of projects and how they can create happier environments.

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Kimley-Horn APTA Mobility Key Takeaways

Rob’s Key Takeaways from APTA Mobility 2019

Having joined more than 1,600 transit professionals at the 2019 APTA Mobility Conference, Rob Hume shares his biggest takeaways.

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Safety matters at Kimley-Horn

President’s Corner: A Continuous Investment in Quality

"Quality is not a destination, a numerical achievement, or an objectively measured goal. Rather, it is a continuous pursuit that will always need honing." Hear from our President and CEO Steve Lefton on how we approach quality every day.

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Kimley-Horn Healthcare Design Magazine Dennis Burns and Jeffrey Smith

Overcoming Healthcare Campus Parking Design Challenges

Designing ideal parking experiences comes with unique challenges for each industry. In the latest issue of Healthcare Design Magazine, Jeffrey Smith and Dennis Burns share five parking design solutions specific to the healthcare industry.

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Kimley-Horn Dangerous Dust: Using ITS Infrastructure to Mitigate Dust-Related Collisions

Dangerous Dust: Using ITS Infrastructure to Mitigate Dust-Related Collisions

Through real-time monitoring of weather conditions, activating a warning system for drivers, and implementing lowered speed limits, Kimley-Horn’s John Kissinger, Tom McCullough, and Brenda Soto are working to reduce dust-related collisions.

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President’s Corner: Four Ways Landscape Architecture Has Evolved

Throughout his 25-year career in Landscape Architecture, Steve Lefton has witnessed tremendous growth in both the industry and its professionals. In celebration of World Landscape Architecture Month, read about the four major changes Steve has witnessed over the past two and a half decades.

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Kimley-Horn Emory University and Emory Healthcare

Six Steps to Revolutionize Patient and Employee Mobility at Healthcare Campuses

Healthcare campuses are complex mobility ecosystems with many stakeholder needs and competing physical constraints in play. Jeffrey Smith shares his six steps to revolutionize mobility and parking solutions by emphasizing patient well-being.

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Kimley-Horn Rethinking Recognition

President’s Corner: Rethinking Recognition

What is recognition all about? Hear from Kimley-Horn President and CEO Steve Lefton on why we should shift our focus from a win-or-lose mentality to the passion behind recognition.

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Kimley-Horn Traffic at Intersection

Redefining Transportation (Again): Planning for an Uncertain Future

Transportation is being redefined—again. How do we plan for a future where fresh approaches and new mobility options like scooters are announced almost weekly? Dennis Motiani, Mike Harris, and Corey Hill discuss how to navigate evolving mobility trends and changing community ideals.

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Game-changing Approaches to Special Event Management

The Downtown Atlanta Special Events Playbook has been called “a model for other venues to emulate.” Sean Coleman shares how rethinking game-day traffic operations by coordinating collaboration among venues, partnering with officers, and implementing signal timing and a traffic plan can be a game-changer.

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President's Corner: Kickoff for Success

President’s Corner: Kickoff for Success

"We review goals, explain objectives, and challenge ourselves to be bolder while remaining true to our core values and core purpose," says President and CEO Steve Lefton about our annual Kickoff tradition. Learn more about the importance of this continued celebration at Kimley-Horn.

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Stop Being Such an Engineer! Reviving Engineering Judgment in a Data-Driven World

Stop Being Such an Engineer! Reviving Engineering Judgment in a Data-Driven World

In today's data-driven world, it can be easy for engineers to be overly focused on the details when working through a decision. Kimley-Horn's Tracy Shandor and Volkert Inc.’s Clark Bailey share how we can empower future engineers to make good decisions by using their engineering judgment.

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Using Big Data to Improve Transportation Modeling

Big data—like probe data from mobile devices—is changing how analyses are conducted in the transportation planning and operations field. #kimleyhorn’s Anthony Gallo and Tim Padgett explain how big data can be used to understand cut-through and diverting traffic, and to develop and validate models.

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Kimley-Horn Providing Equitable Access to Urban Refuges at Bayou Sauvage

Connecting Communities: Providing Equitable Access to Urban Refuges

To support the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s goal to increase opportunities for urban communities to access nature, Kimley-Horn's Beth Tucker, Danielle McCray, and Cristina Pastore are developing refuge access plans for wildlife refuges across the country. Learn about their experience planning for the Bayou Sauvage National Wildlife Refuge in Louisiana.

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Kimley-Horn GRTC Pulse

Driving Community Advancement: BRT Systems as Economic Engines

With 3.2 miles of dedicated bus-only lanes, transit signal priority at intersections, and 26 station platforms offering level boarding, the GRTC Pulse Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system is revitalizing the City of Richmond, VA. Learn from Kimley-Horn’s Ashley Lickliter and GRTC’s Steve McNally about the impact of this project.

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President and CEO Steve Lefton discusses Kimley-Horn's extensive internal training programs and how the firm invests in our people's success.

President’s Corner: Investing in Employee Development

Extensive training programs are part of our culture at Kimley-Horn. With input from company leadership, discipline specialists, and training attendees, our training programs continuously evolve to help us invest in our people and our firm’s future success. Learn more about our in-house training and professional development opportunities from our President and CEO, Steve Lefton.

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Kimley-Horn Women in STEM

President’s Corner: Supporting Women in STEM

Kimley-Horn is committed to supporting women in STEM. Our President and CEO Steven Lefton shares how we’ve grown in this area as a firm and initiatives that will continue to help us improve in the future.

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Mercedes-Benz Stadium Atlanta Falcons and Kimley-Horn

President’s Corner: Sports Design Projects Focus on Innovation and Sustainability

Kimley-Horn President Steve Lefton reflects on the sustainable, innovative designs for some past and current sports design projects across the country.

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Kimley_Horn - From Pandas to People

From Pandas to People: 3 Lessons for Planners from My Time as a Zoo Designer

Before Nick Chen, AICP was a Community Planner and Urban Designer at Kimley-Horn, he was a Zoo Designer at the San Diego Zoo. Learn how he draws experience and inspiration from his nontraditional career path as he shares three similarities between designing for zoos and planning for communities.

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Kimley-Horn Avalon Mixed-Use Development

8 Strategies for Walkable, Connected, and Mixed-Use Suburbanism

Shifting demographics, evolving shopping trends, and a growing preference toward walkability are motivating suburban towns and cities to redefine themselves. Kimley-Horn Urban Designer/Planner Eric Bosman, AICP offers eight approaches to employ when adapting sprawling spaces into walkable, mixed-use places.

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Kimley-Horn Bike Month

Pedal Down the Path: Bike Work at Kimley-Horn

With more than 80 offices across the country, Kimley-Horn project managers work to accommodate all modes of transportation and their users. In celebration of National Bike Month, we’ve spotlighted some of the great projects being done in our offices around the country.

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