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Stormwater Shake-up: Understanding Changes to Florida’s Environmental Resource Permit Process

Stormwater Shake Up
In March 2024, the Florida legislature unanimously approved Senate Bill 7040: Ratification of the Department of Environmental Protection’s Rules Relating to Stormwater. With enactment of this bill on the horizon, we’ve teamed up with the law firm Stearns Weaver Miller to break down these rule changes and provide the most up-to-date information on how the changes will impact development in Florida.

Part 1: The New Rule Explained

Watch as we break down the new rule, taking a closer look at the enhanced stormwater treatment standards established by the bill as well as the expected impacts to current and future projects.

Part 2: Project Impacts and Design Solutions

Listen to our experts examine potential design solutions as well as costs associated with implementation. We also go over our key takeaways to help navigate these rule changes.

About the Authors

Stefano Viola, PE

Stefano Viola, PE

Stefano has more than 18 years of diverse civil engineering experience, including roadway restoration and resurfacing; drainage modeling; water/wastewater utility design; stormwater master planning; preparation of engineering drawings; permitting and site/plan preparation and review. He also has experience serving a diverse group of clients, including counties, municipalities, government agencies, and private developers. He has direct working knowledge of software programs including AutoCAD, WaterCAD, StormCAD, and Cascade software programs and design analysis software. Stefano is familiar with municipal stormwater requirements across South Florida due to his involvement with numerous drainage projects implemented in the area.

Scott Weeks, PE

Scott Weeks, PE

Scott has nearly two decades of civil engineering experience successfully designing, managing, and delivering projects of all sizes for both the public and private sectors. He is experienced in commercial, residential, industrial, roadway, and municipal facility projects and specializes in drainage design, flood studies, and stormwater management permitting. He is a member of the Florida Stormwater Association (FSA), and has served as Chapter President and Scholarship Chair for the Florida Engineering Society (FES).


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