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A Data-Driven Approach to Planning and Equity

People travel to reach their desired destinations, such as work, grocery stores, school, medical centers, or a park. These places create economic, social, and recreational interactions. They are also critical for healthy and vibrant communities. Transportation—whether walking, biking, riding transit, driving, or sharing a ride—makes access to these essential opportunities possible.

Kimley-Horn’s Access2Opportunity gives agencies new insights on how their transportation systems help create healthy and vibrant communities.

Measure Your Area’s Accessibility

Accessibility describes how effectively a transportation system connects people with the rest of society. Kimley-Horn created Access2Opportunity to measure two metrics: 

  1. Travel Reach: How far can you travel in a reasonable amount of time using the transportation system? A larger travel reach typically results in connections with more opportunity.
  2. Destination Opportunity: How many key opportunities (e.g., number of jobs, grocery stores, etc.) are accessible within someone’s reasonable travel reach? A larger number of destination opportunities is a strong indicator of a healthy and vibrant community – and an equitable transportation network.

Inform Equity and Scenario Planning

Use Access2Opportunity to answer critically important questions.


  • Calculate Travel Reach and Destination Opportunity scores for any geography in a region (e.g., census block or parcel).
  • Compare how accessibility varies between traditionally underserved and underrepresented populations and the remainder of the community.

Scenario Planning:

  • Index Travel Reachand Destination Opportunity in ways that create a consistent method to compare combinations of policies, programs, and projects. 
  • Model new bike facilities, new transit routes and stops, new road openings and added lanes, and new pedestrian-only zones.

Features and Benefits

Make informed decisions to meet community goals

Identify equity gaps and opportunities

Toggle between five pillars to sort and explore data

Create custom visualizations to communicate results

Measure or index results to prioritize needs

Achieve equitable, high-impact outcomes

Reach Your Goals

With Access2Opportunity, users gain access to trusted professionals and advanced data analytic capabilities. In a few simple steps, you’ll have a clear picture of your community goals and how to reach them. 

Schedule a demo today and learn more about the many advantages of Access2Opportunity.

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