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Customize collaborative, digital workspaces.

Why Choose KollabSpace

We live in a constantly evolving digital landscape and emerging technologies are changing the way we experience the world around us. Through our devices, we are more connected than we have ever been. Whether we are at home, at work, or on the go, our devices have the potential to bring us together – even when we are miles apart.

KollabSpace combines the impact of meaningful, in-person experiences with the convenience and accessibility of an online platform. This collaborative tool invites active participation in agency events and gatherings while meeting consumers and community members where they are.

  • Customize virtual meeting and event spaces
  • Increase outreach by providing a convenient, at-their-leisure option for participation

Features and Benefits

Designed with ease and access in mind, KollabSpace offers unique benefits to make your meetings and events more impactful.  


  • Add custom logos and branding  
  • Populate with custom, project-/event-specific content  
  • Integrate third-party tools, including Zoom, online survey tools (such as MetroQuest, SurveyMonkey), Adobe PDF, YouTube, and PublicCoordinate (Kimley-Horn’s proprietary mapping engagement tool!) 


  • User-friendly interface
  • Invites engagement and feedback from participants


  • Increase engagement and invite participants that might otherwise face barriers for entry
  • Translate information into multiple languages

Engage and Connect

Simply choose from one of three rooms; customize with branding, logos, and project information; and leverage third-party tools to provide even more functionality. KollabSpace allows participants to access the room at their own convenience, and integrated tools and third-party functionality enables participants to provide valuable feedback quickly and with ease.

Get Started

Overcome time constraints, travel limitations, and language barriers at a price point that works best for your needs. 

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