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The Next Generation of Program Management

Kimley-Horn’s data management platform, SMARTS, puts you back in control of all your site’s projects and programs.

SMARTS ends information overload. Project managers collaborate with colleagues and Kimley-Horn partners to:

  • View, add, and edit data through a web browser.
  • Create consistent reports for all stakeholders with a click.
  • Assign tasks and automate notifications.

Access what you need, when you need it, to keep your projects on time and within budget.

Key Benefits

Organize Data

Gain new control of your projects with nationwide visibility and drilldowns to each site.

Streamline Reporting

Align partners and consultants with a single source of current data.

Notify Stakeholders

Meet deadlines by flagging urgent actions and automating notifications.

Allocate Work

Save time with easy data entry and task assignments.

Unite Disparate Data

SMARTS stores, organizes, and filters data previously stored in silos across people and programs. Now, all users have access to the latest project information, including data such as:

  • Permitting and entitlement data
  • Land survey information
  • Geotechnical data
  • Property management files
  • Design files
  • Submittals
  • Important dates

Save With SMARTS

Program Management professionals have managed hundreds of sites across the United States with SMARTS, saving time, money, and resources. Contact Kimley-Horn today to learn how to bring these benefits to your company and partners.

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