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Wouldn’t you like the ability to evaluate parking, traffic, development, alternative modes, management, and allocation patterns to determine the impacts of community or campus parking demands?  Even more, wouldn’t it be great to be able to determine how all these elements affect overall community or campus sufficiency?

The parking professionals at Kimley-Horn have developed Park+ in the ArcGIS mapping platform to allow for more dynamic data management and robust evaluations of parking scenarios.

Park+ is an interactive parking scenario planning model, integrated with ArcGIS, that has the ability to evaluate existing parking supply and demands, identify and test new development and parking facilities, and apply parking management strategies. The Park+ model enables users to analyze the impacts of parking demand for an endless array of municipal and campus scenarios. Planners, engineers, managers, campus planners and administrators, private parking operators, and developers can all benefit from introducing the Park+ model into their parking systems, as it offers the tools to identify and manage parking demand within any community and agency. Isn’t it time you took control of your parking demand?

Arizona State University Park+ modeling


The fact that we can now utilize actual multimodal campus data and other inputs with the Park+ modeling tool, the output is much more reliable to help with critical decisions, both financial and environmental, in support of the university’s future growth and development.

Melinda Alonzo
| Director

Arizona State University Parking and Transportation Services