Consensus Building / Public Involvement

Understanding the public involvement process and the requirements of local municipalities can be challenging.

From approval processes to keeping the public informed, hiring a firm with a local understanding of your project needs can determine how your project will be received by local agencies and the public.
With thousands of professionals across the U.S., Kimley-Horn’s pool of national experts—from designers, planners, and land development professionals to environmental scientists—is on hand to help ensure a smooth public approval process. Working seamlessly as one team across the country, we draw from our local experts to streamline permitting and other approval requirements.

Identifying the Needs of Clients and the Public

Many public projects are challenging, controversial, and complex. The challenge is most often not the design itself, but developing and implementing an inclusive, engaging, and effective public process. Our public involvement experience provides a unique perspective on community engagement. Working collaboratively with our clients, we help craft a public involvement plan that will purposefully engage the community, emphasize listening and learning, effectively consider alternatives, evaluate key priorities, and define shared community values.