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Property Condition Assessments

Kimley-Horn’s forensic engineers provide property condition assessments for all type of structures.

Kimley-Horn’s forensic engineers and specialists help developers, community associations, insurance companies, and attorneys nationwide determine all the facts when they are faced with building system malfunctions, structural defects, corrosion, wind and water damage, or maintenance and code compliance issues.

Our forensics team has evaluated thousands of commercial, industrial, residential and maritime structures from the inside out, aboveground and below. We can help you determine the real cause of damage and provide a detailed list of deficiencies for immediate, short-term, and long-term repairs, as well as our professional engineering guidance and recommendations.

Our Engineers Can Help Improve Your Bottom Line

With years of practical experience, our professionals can identify problems that you need to know about. Property and Condition Assessment services include:

  • Pre-purchase condition inspections and assessments
  • Contractor selection processes services
  • Construction phase services and scheduling
  • Reuse facility conversion studies with analyses
  • OSHA and safety compliance studies
  • ADA compliance studies and plan reviews
  • Life-safety code compliance studies
  • ASTM E-2018 baseline assessment processes
  • Legal and liability evaluations, including product defects
  • Professional engineering expert witness testimony
  • Litigation support