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Telluride Regional Airport (TEX) Design Services

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Only high-piled snow banks at the end of the runway safety area had kept corporate jets, on three separate occasions, from tumbling off the Telluride Regional Airport’s runway and falling 1,000 feet down the steep mesa. Improvements were clearly essential. Runway improvement is just one of the projects Kimley-Horn has completed as the on-call consultant at the Telluride Regional Airport since 2002.

Runway Improvements

The runway improvement project—located more than 9,000 feet above sea level—included extending safety areas to 1,000 feet at each end, and construction of new 20-foot wide shoulders. The runway was reconstructed to exceed FAA standards, as part of Phase II of the multi-year, multi-project program. Specific services included grading, blasting, and improving Runway 9/27 safety areas (1,200,000 CY of cut and fill); removal of on-airport FAR Part 77 obstructions; reconstruction of Runway 9/27 with both asphalt and concrete pavements bid as alternates; drainage facilities; installation of airport electrical items (runway/taxiway lights); relocation of airport NAVAIDS (PAPI, REIL, LOC/DME); relocation and reconstruction of a portion of parallel Taxiway A, connector, and hangar access taxiways; a wildlife/security fence; and wetland mitigation.

Run-up and Deicing Pad

Kimley-Horn provided administrative and design services to develop FAA compliant plans, contract documents, and technical specifications for a new run-up and deicing pad on Taxiway A just east of the terminal apron for construction. The run-up apron provides a location for aircraft to perform preflight checks and obtain departure clearances where they will not block access to Runway 27. Aircraft deicing will also be performed on the new pad.

Telluride Gondola

The Kimley-Horn team designed gondola terminals, gondola cabin parking, and material transport for the new transit system between the City of Telluride, a new mountain-top service facility, and Telluride Mountain Village. Team engineers served as structural designers and performed special inspections for three new gondola terminals. The buildings were constructed around the gondola equipment and used existing gondola foundations, which proved to be cost-effective and resourceful.

We have worked with Kimley-Horn for over 10-years as part of the upgrade of the Telluride Airport. The Kimley-Horn Team steps up to the plate, stands behind us and has continually served the best interest of our airport.

Telluride Regional Airport