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Inside Unmanned Systems Features Kimley-Horn's Elizabeth McQueen

Senior Aviation Leader Shares Insights on Urban Air Mobility

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Elizabeth McQueen

Elizabeth McQueen

Senior Aviation Project Manager

A new era of transportation is upon us. Imagine a (not-too-distant) future where an unmanned rideshare vehicle drops you off at a vertiport where an unmanned air taxi awaits. The air taxi takes you to a landing pad where another vehicle is ready to travel to your destination. This era of Urban Air Mobility brings less time wasted sitting in traffic, fewer cars on the road, and reduced pollution. Unmanned aerial system concept vehicles are currently being developed and the FAA and NASA are exploring ways to integrate them into the National Airspace System.

For unmanned aircraft vehicles to be implemented however, cities must address air traffic complexities in urban environments. Kimley-Horn’s Elizabeth McQueen shares her capability modeling and simulation expertise in an Inside Unmanned Systems article that explores the top 10 milestones that need to be met before congested rush hour commutes can be traded in for unmanned systems.

"There is no one-size-fits-all-solution. Every metropolitan area will...need to be planned, utilized, integrated, and ultimately managed in a future that accommodates many more aircraft of various types."

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About the Expert

Elizabeth McQueen

Elizabeth McQueen

As an experienced aviation planner, Elizabeth specializes in airspace and airside modeling and simulation, airfield planning and design, obstruction and airspace analyses, and complex data visualization. Elizabeth has served as project manager on several large-scale airspace and airport development projects, notably for large- and medium-hub airports domestic and abroad. She has helped to support airspace initiatives across the National Airspace System (NAS) including several U.S. FAA Metroplex projects, UAS (drone) Policy, Spaceport Launch and Reentry licensing, and is currently involved in the development of innovative modeling and simulation to support Urban Air Mobility (UAM) and UTM systems. During her career, Elizabeth has made significant contributions to aviation work in nearly 30 countries. She is highly skilled in ICAO Annex 14 studies, FAA regulations, AGIS, obstruction data collection requirements, methodologies and analyses, vegetative management plans, and geospatial/geostatistical analytics.


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