Training for Recent Graduates

For technical professionals, our training programs were designed with your career in mind. Here is a typical “road map” of your training journey at Kimley-Horn.

Training Opportunities

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As the name implies, this training is for new entry-level employees—with roughly three to six months of experience with the firm—and focuses on the basics necessary to set your professional career off to a great start. Weaved into this people-centered session are topics such as professionalism, relationship building, and making the transition from college to the work force.

This course is for professionals with about a year of Kimley-Horn experience. It introduces employees from all locations and disciplines to Kimley-Horn and the business of consulting. The primary topics focus on an overview of projects from start to finish, with an emphasis on the roles you can play in your early years. Career development, communication, and the company’s philosophy and business practices are also covered. Attendees leave this training with a better-defined picture of their career path and their contributions to the firm’s success.

For those with three or more years of experience, this program focuses on task and project management, with additional topics covering marketing, career development, and delegation. At such an important point in your career, we want to ensure that you have the tools you need to own your growing responsibilities and further position yourself for continuing success.

After an employee attains their professional license, they may apply to attend this training program. Focused on cultivating the next generation of Practice Builders, the topics covered range from marketing to production management to leadership. Attendees have been identified as future leaders, and it’s our job to help you continue to develop your growing practice.

Our technical training program typically lasts the duration of the first two years of an employee’s career. Employees in the following disciplines can expect a blended approach of online modules, discussions with senior leaders, and even some face-to-face workshops. Kimley-Horn offers technical training for the following specialties, with opportunities always on the horizon:

  • Aviation
  • Land Development
  • Landscape Architecture & Planning
  • Roadway
  • Structures
  • Transportation/Transportation Planning

Seasonal Opportunities

At Kimley-Horn, we recognize that building a strong team starts with having strong leaders. Later in your career, you may have the opportunity to participate in some of our seasonal training programs, which include:

  • The Career Development Workshop for emerging female leaders.
  • Developing Others session that helps leaders develop the skills of giving feedback, delegation, and developing relationships via a variety of tools.
  • People Building course that, as the name suggests, focuses on how to build people with an emphasis on mentoring, coaching, and leadership.

On the Job

Training at Kimley-Horn is not limited to the classroom. Our firm is passionate about providing hands-on, on-the-job training both in the office and out in the field. These opportunities begin early in your career, and we believe it is some of the most vital training you will receive. Though our firm spans the country, we all share in each other’s success. Employees may have the opportunity to shift to another office to work on projects. Shifting refers to our practice of sharing staff resources throughout the firm to work on client projects. It is a cornerstone of Kimley-Horn culture that helps the firm meet its client commitments while also providing a valuable opportunity for you to learn, interact with colleagues, and expand your network within the firm.

Having come from other firms, this type of training was not something I was introduced to early in my career, and had to learn on my own over many years. I think it is invaluable to have this resource for our up-and-coming stars, and it offers them the opportunity to be more knowledgeable than their peers in the industry. I am honored that I can play a role in helping the next generation!

Dennis Sobieski, P.E., LEED AP | Development Services Denver, CO

Attending Fundamentals of Consulting made it very clear that Kimley-Horn really invests in our careers, providing us with the skills and resources necessary to be successful. I returned to the office with much clearer goals and enthusiasm to get more involved.

Alysa Baird, EIT | Roadway Richmond, VA