Training for Experienced Professionals

You might join our firm as a leader in your field, and we are dedicated to supporting your thriving career. Our mission is to provide you with the tools you need to continue your success.

Culture & Philosophy

This is a course for senior-level professionals across the company and is an overview of Kimley-Horn’s culture and business approaches. The program is an excellent way to build relationships with peers across the firm to develop further opportunities for collaboration.

Seasonal Opportunities

At Kimley-Horn, we recognize that building a strong team starts with having strong leaders. We offer seasonal trainings for our mid- and senior-level professionals that take place throughout the course of your career. These training programs include:

  • The Career Development Workshop for emerging female leaders.
  • A Developing Others session that helps leaders develop the skills of giving feedback, delegation, and developing relationships via a variety of tools.
  • A People Building course that, as the name suggests, focuses on how to build people—with an emphasis on mentoring, coaching, and leadership.