Training for Business Professionals

Our business professionals—those in Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Communications, HR, and IT—are vital to the success of our firm. We want to make sure we continue to cultivate your expertise while introducing you to the world of engineering and planning. Therefore, Kimley-Horn offers multidisciplinary training opportunities for our entry-level hires and experienced professionals in these business roles. Our off-site and in-office trainings work toward our core purpose—providing an environment for our people to flourish.

Training Opportunities

Strong Start

As the name implies, this training is for new entry-level employees—with roughly three to six months of experience with the firm—and focuses on the basics necessary to set your professional career off to a great start. Weaved into this people-centered session are topics such as professionalism, relationship building, and making the transition from college to the work force.

Fundamentals of Consulting

This course is for professionals after about a year of Kimley-Horn experience. It introduces employees across the firm and in all specialties to Kimley-Horn and the business of consulting. The primary topics focus on the firm’s philosophy and business approaches, career development and communication, and an overview of marketing and production. Attendees leave this training with a better-defined picture of their career path and their contributions to the firm’s success.

Culture & Philosophy

 For senior-level professionals across the company, this course is an overview of Kimley-Horn’s culture and business approaches. The program is an excellent way to build relationships with peers from around the firm to develop further opportunities for collaboration.

Seasonal Opportunities

At Kimley-Horn, we recognize that building a strong team starts with having strong leaders. We offer a handful of training programs seasonally to reinforce your already established career.

  • A Developing Others session that helps leaders develop the skills of giving feedback, delegation, and developing relationships via a variety of tools.
  • A People Building course that, as the name suggests, focuses on how to build people with an emphasis on mentoring, coaching, and leadership.

On the Job

Training at Kimley-Horn is not excluded to the classroom. Our firm is passionate about providing hands-on, on-the-job training, even in your office. From mentoring and guidance as you’re getting started, to brown-bag lunches with seniors in your field, we want you to be ready to jump right in.

“The topics were universal, creating an atmosphere where all disciplines could benefit. Everyone was full of energy, excited to talk about their goals and ambitions. It was truly incredible to network with such a diverse group of professionals who were all motivated to make a difference in the firm."

— Colton Jones, Accounting, West Palm Beach, FL