Project Vision, Goals, and Objectives

Columbia Pike is a vibrant, mixed-use community with a diverse population and access to a wide variety of retail and commercial services. As one of Arlington’s urban villages, Columbia Pike has a significant amount of pedestrian activity and also features transit service provided by Metrobus and Arlington Transit (ART).

The vision of Arlington, as adopted in policies and guidelines for the corridor, is to better accommodate pedestrian movements and bring out high-quality, frequent, and reliable transit service by enhancing the ability to move and promoting transit-oriented development in the corridor.

Columbia Pike

In support of this vision, the goal of this project is to complete a transportation analysis, environmental documentation, and preliminary design for multimodal street improvements along Columbia Pike to provide a corridor that achieves an appropriate balance of travel options. The analysis will examine alternatives for bringing improvements that will provide for the following:

To meet this goal, the project will attempt to accomplish the following objectives: