Final draft ptis study report document released to the public!

The Final Draft of the PTIS Study Report is now ready for public viewing and presenting to elected officials. The PTIS Report makes policy recommendations to encourage Transit Oriented Development and Smart Growth patterns that, combined with planned investments in Bus Rapid Transit will go a long way to solving the air quality and greenhouse gas problems that are plaguing the central valley.
However well planned and modeled, the future growth patterns are land use decisions that are in the hands of local government planners, developers and elected officials. Without the support of citizens, businesses and local elected leaders, the significant benefits identified in this plan to improve the quality of life in Fresno will not be realized.
Smart Growth means intensifying development where it can be well served by transit. It means creating complete streets and walkable neighborhoods, where people can choose to walk, bicycle, or take transit. It also means limiting development on the urban fringe to protect our farmlands and contain the sprawl that forces longer and longer commutes by car.
Fresno County is one of eight counties in the San Joaquin Valley Unified Air Pollution Control District (Valley Air District), which currently does not meet several of the air quality standards set forth in the Federal Clean Air Act or the California Clean Air Act. The Valley Air District is a designated non-attainment area for ozone (“serious”) and particulates (both PM10 [“serious”] and PM2.5) and is a maintenance area for carbon monoxide. The Valley Air District similarly fails to meet California standards for these pollutants. As a result, the County must satisfy Federal requirements calling for consideration of transportation control measures to reduce emissions and demonstrate conformity with the State Implementation Plan for Air Quality.

It follows that whatever transportation projects are implemented must not deteriorate existing problems and must support efforts to bring the County into air quality attainment. Click below to view and download the Final Draft PTIS Report:

Executive Summary (2.5 MB)

Section 1: Goals, Objectives, Evaluation Criteria Transit Technologies Table (2.7 MB)

Section 2: Alternatives Analysis, PTIS (6.3 MB)

Section 3: Policy, System, and Investment Recommendations (1.8 MB)

Appendix A - 2012 Very Small Starts Submittal (1.4 MB)

Appendix B - Streetcar Summary Report (2.5 MB)

Appendix C - Assessment of New Technologies: Personal Rapid Transit (5.5 MB)

Appendix D - PTIS Non-Motorized Transportation Plan
(2.7 MB)

Appendix E - Public Outreach Summary (7.3 MB)

Appendix F - PTIS Study Modeling Assumptions Documentation (1.0 MB)

Appendix G - Ridership Summary Tables (500 KB)

smart growth summit a resounding success!

A total of 85 people attended the PTIS Smart Growth Summit over a two day period to hear nationally recognized speakers offer their insights to the problems Fresno County and Cities are facing today. The Summit, held at the Fresno Art Museum on March 2nd and 3rd was videotaped and loaded here for viewing:

Click here to see their presentations, handouts and more from the event

Transit options that will be studied include:

  • Improved fixed route bus service
  • Improved demand-response service
  • Bus Rapid Transit
  • Downtown Streetcar
  • Light Rail Transit
  • Commuter Rail
  • Personal Rapid Transit (PRT)